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Introducing ARP

Founded by Alan R. Pearlman as one of the first synth manufacurers (1969-1981), ARP competed directly with Moog. ARP synthesizers were known for their better oscillator stability. While their first synth was the modular 2500, their most popular synth was the 2600 (semi-modular). The Avatar (guitar synth resembling an Odyssey) contributed to their demise, but their last synth became the Rhodes Chroma, once CBS Musical Instruments bought them (CBS also owned Fender and Rhodes). For street prices, see Prepal.

Released Conventional
1971 2600
1972 Odyssey
1974 Odyssey2
1975 Axxe
1976 Omni
1977 Omni-2 Avatar
1978 Solus Quadra
1979 Quartet


Architectural Classes:

  • Additive: Multiple sine wave harmonics are combined.
  • Conventional: Single cycle waveforms, subtractive architecture (filtered harmonics).
  • FM: Oscillators use Frequency or Phase Modulation.
  • Rompler: ROM based samples (often subtractive).
  • Sampler: User recorded samples (often subtractive).
  • Modelling: Digital model, usually involving a Driver and Modulators.