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Welcome! The Emulator Archive web site has lots of information on vintage E-mu Systems products from 1972 - 2000.


The Emulator Archive was founded in July 1999 to preserve the legacy of music technology created by E-mu Systems. The Emulator Archive has comprehensive information on all vintage E-mu Systems products to enable owners to continue to enjoy the amazing technology, and to create new music magic from these innovative instruments. The archive has not been amended with new content since 2002. While the initial conversion was text based, we do plan on eventually adding the pictures.

Contributors ...

Many thanks to:

  • Jordan Drake
  • Marcello Pignata
  • Henrik Nydell
  • Andrew Dennison
  • Joe Gerardi
  • Chris Edgar
  • Rob Brown
  • Sven Röhrig
  • Niklas Olsson
  • John Silveria

Emuons (past + present)

  • Dave Rossum
  • Scott Wedge
  • Ed Rudnick
  • Dana Massie
  • Kevin Monahan
  • Riley B. Smith
  • Marco Alpert
  • Steve Hoge
  • Don Scott
  • Sean Wilhelmsen


This archive was restored by SynthArk with minimal editing and formatting. As an archive, it is not actively maintained and does not reflect any products or services offered by SynthArk. SynthArk is not responsible for any inaccurate information.