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Casio Sampler Comparisons

Synopsis Media Physical Interface Architecture Components Resource

Audio Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Amplifier Converter Effects Filter Source Switch Other
FZ-10M A6462D:12 M5201:3 M5230L:1 NJM082:5 NJM2068DD:1 NJM4558D:3 uPC1213C:1 MA6208C:1 PCM54HP:2 TC35094P:1 N/A N/A N/A TC4051BP:1 uPD4053BC:3 N/A

Control Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Battery Communication Gate Array Memory Processor Timer Xtal
FZ-10M N/A PC900:1 uPD71055C:2 uPD72067C:1 FM1:4 MB653121:1 uPD65012C046:1 uPD65012G282:1 uPD65042G052:1 uPD65081GF012:1 JU-255:1 TC511000P-10:16 uPD27C256AD-12:2 uPD43256C-12L:2 uPD43256C-12L:2 uPD70216GF-8:1 N/A 32MHz:1