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Welcome to the Casio Gallery

Introducing Casio

The consumer electronics manufacturer entered the professional synthesizer realm, during the second half of the 80's. For street prices, see Prepal.

Released FM Conventional Sampler
1985 CZ-101 CZ-230S CZ-1000 CZ-5000
1986 CZ-2000S CZ-3000 CZ-1
1987 HZ-600 HT-700 MT-600 HT-3000 HT-6000 FZ-1 FZ-10M FZ-20M
1988 VZ-1 VZ-10M VZ-8M

Architectural Classes:

  • Additive: Multiple sine wave harmonics are combined.
  • Conventional: Single cycle waveforms, subtractive architecture (filtered harmonics).
  • FM: Oscillators use Frequency or Phase Modulation.
  • Rompler: ROM based samples (often subtractive).
  • Sampler: User recorded samples (often subtractive).
  • Modelling: Digital model, usually involving a Driver and Modulators.