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Introducing Emu

First company to provide affordable samplers. Emu is also responsible for the SSM line of integrated circuits, used by other manufacturers (see Emulator Archive). For street prices, see Prepal.

Released Sampler Rompler
1981 Emulator
1984 EmulatorII EmulatorII-Plus EmulatorII-HD
1986 Emax Emax-Rack Emax-HD Emax-HD-Rack Emax-HD-SE Emax-HD-SE-Rack Emax-SE Emax-SE-Rack Emax-SE-Plus Emax-SE-Plus-Rack
1987 EmulatorIII EmulatorIII-Rack
1989 EmaxII EmaxII-Rack EmaxII-Turbo EmaxII-Turbo-Rack Proteus1 Proteus1-XR
1990 Proteus1-Plus Proteus2 Proteus2-XR Proformance Proformance-Plus
1991 Proteus-MPS Proteus-MPS-Plus Proteus3 Proteus3-XR
1993 EIII-XP EIII-XP-Turbo EIII-XS EIII-XS-Turbo Procussion Morpheus Vintage-Keys
1994 ESI-32 Vintage-Keys-Plus Ultra-Proteus Proteus-FX Classic-Keys


Architectural Classes:

  • Additive: Multiple sine wave harmonics are combined.
  • Conventional: Single cycle waveforms, subtractive architecture (filtered harmonics).
  • FM: Oscillators use Frequency or Phase Modulation.
  • Rompler: ROM based samples (often subtractive).
  • Sampler: User recorded samples (often subtractive).
  • Modelling: Digital model, usually involving a Driver and Modulators.