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Korg DSS-1


Released: 1986

MSRP: Y298,000 ($2895US)


Similar to a DW-8000 with the wave memory replaced by a sampler or additive synthesizer, an additional delay, dedicated LFOs, and additional velocity destinations. Sound Logic provided a SCSI retrofit and expanded memory (8x max). Architecture Class: Additive-Sampler.

Ebay Description:

The Korg DSS-1 is a pressure and velocity sensitive 61 key (8 voice, monotimbral) dual-oscillator synthesizer, featuring 12 bit sampled (16kHz|24kHz|32kHz|48kHz, 256kW), drawn, or additive (128 harmonics) waveforms (and noise), resonant low pass (12 or 24dB) analog filter, dedicated ADBSSR filter and amp envelopes, dedicated pitch and filter LFOs, dual digital delays, low/high band shelving EQs, auto-bend, portamento, mono (1/4" TS) sample input, and MIDI. The 32 user editable presets can be saved via MIDI SysEx or disk (3.5" DSDD). Sample editing includes truncate, reverse, link, mix, loop crossfade or back and forth.


Form Factor Dimensions Weight Audio Input Audio Output Communication Port Control Input Control Output Switch Input Power
61 keys W:1171mm D:436mm H:123mm 18.5kg sample stereo MIDI:In/Out/Thru MIDI MIDI program+ sustain AC 31W


Compatibility Multitimbral Memory Program Memory External Storage External Programming UI Input UI Output
DSS-1 DSM-1 None 32 disk:128 MIDI flopppy:3.5"(DSDD) MIDI parameter based LCD display


Multitimbral Polyphony Unison Architecture
no 8 4 [DO1+DO2+noise]->VCF->VCA


Effects Pan Modulator Volume Modulator Headphone
low/high band shelving EQ, 2x digital delay (0-500ms, 10Hz? max LFO with invert, serial or parallel) no aftertouch MIDI-CC7 VCA-EG yes


Arpeggiator Arpeggiator External Sequencer Sequencer Memory Sequencer External Continuous Program Change
no N/A no N/A N/A joystick MIDI-Bend MIDI-CC1 pedal MIDI


Key Pressure Chord Memory External Control External Sustain Key Scaling Velocity Curves
yes no MIDI pedal MIDI yes no


Stereo Sample Depth Sample Rate Sample RAM Sample ROM Sample Points Sample Trigger Sample Loop Sample Edit
no 12 bit 16kHz 24kHz 32kHz 48kHz 256kW no input-level crossfade truncate reverse link mix


Name Signal Class Waveform Octave Range Amplitude Modulator Harmonics Modulator Pitch Modulator Wave Assign Modulator
DO1 digital (D/A 6-12 bits) sample draw additive (harmonics:128) 4' 8' 16' no no auto-bend joystick DCO-MG MIDI-Bend portamento velocity
DO2 digital (D/A 6-12 bits) sample draw additive (harmonics:128) 4' 8' 16' no sync:DCO1 auto-bend joystick DCO-MG MIDI-Bend portamento velocity
Noise analog noise:white - no no no no


Name Signal Class IC Resonant Shape Frequency Modulator Resonance Modulator Shape Modulator
VCF analog 2069 yes 12|24dB low pass aftertouch VCF-EG joystick key VCF-MG MIDI-CC2 velocity no no


Name Level Rate Loop Polarity Trigger Level Modulator Rate Modulator
VCF-EG break sustain attack decay slope release no yes no velocity attack:velocity decay:velocity slope:velocity
VCA-EG break sustain attack decay slope release no no no velocity attack:velocity decay:velocity/key slope:velocity
Auto-Bend initial attack no no no velocity no


Name Waveform Delay Polarity Sync Delay Modulator Level Modulator Rate Modulator
VCF-MG sine? yes no no no joystick MIDI-CC1 no
DCO-MG sine? yes no no no aftertouch no
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