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Model Released MSRP Synopsis Ebay Description
DPX-1 1986 $2695US Sample player for then-current third party formats. All programming was read from source format and non-editable. Rev 2.1 added S900, HDX-20 (external SCSI hard drive), CDS3 CDROM support, along with a back panel with a DB9 port (CDS3) and 8 individual outputs (with MIDI mono mode support). Rev2.2 added disk writing in native DPX format, transpose, and filter cut-off edit, along with various refinements. The Oberheim DPX1 is a 2U rack (velocity and aftertouch sensitive), 8 voice polyphonic, (digital/analog hybrid) 12 bit sample player, resonant 24dB low pass filter (SSM2045), 100 presets, MIDI interface (SDS compatible), and 1MB (512kW) sample RAM. Dual (5.25" and 3.5") floppy disk drives are compatible with Emulator II, Mirage (non-MASOS), Prophet 2000, and Prophet 2002 disks.
Note: MSRP is the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price when in production (not a current price). For street prices, see Prepal.