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Roland CMU-800


Released: 1983

MSRP: no


"Compu Music" mixer module, including synth and rhythm sections, but requiring an AppleII to function. Architecture Class: Conventional (subtractive).

Ebay Description:

The Roland Compu Music CMU-800 is an AppleII computer expansion card, which includes a desktop mixer, 6 voice analog synthesizer, 7 voice drum synthesizer, and a sequencer. The sequencer features 8 synth tracks, 1 drum track, and 2 CV tracks.


Form Factor Dimensions Weight Audio Input Audio Output Communication Port Control Input Control Output Switch Input Power
desktop W:333mm D:108mm H:193mm 3kg mix:2 mix rhythm chord bass melody AppleII clock CV:1V/oct gate:10V clock no 20W


Compatibility Multitimbral Memory Program Memory External Storage External Programming UI Input UI Output
- N/A no no no sliders/knobs LED


Multitimbral Polyphony Unison Architecture
no synth:6 drum:7 no VCO->VCF->VCA


Effects Pan Modulator Volume Modulator Headphone
no no no yes


Arpeggiator Arpeggiator External Sequencer Sequencer Memory Sequencer External Continuous Program Change
no N/A step synth-tracks:8 cv-tracks:2 rhythm-tracks:pattern/song AppleII clock no no


Key Pressure Chord Memory External Control External Sustain Key Scaling Velocity Curves
no no CMU-802:clock no no no


Name Signal Class Waveform Octave Range Amplitude Modulator Harmonics Modulator Pitch Modulator Wave Assign Modulator
DCO digital preset - no no no no
Rhythm ? bass-drum snare-drum low-tom high-tom cymbal open-hat closed-hat - no no no no
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