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Roland Conventional Comparisons

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Architecture Comparison

Model Multitimbral Polyphony Unison Architecture
RS-101 2 (upper and lower regions split at F3) Full (via octave divider) no [VCO->VCF]+[VCO->VCF]->VCA
RS-202 2 (upper and lower regions split at F3) Full (via octave divider) no [VCO->VCF]+[VCO->VCF]->VCA
RS-505 3 (synth/string upper and lower regions split at C3) String/Synth:full (via octave divider) Bass:1 no VCO->VCA->VCF->VCA
RS-09 2 Full (via octave divider) no [VCO1+VCO2]->VCF->VCA
SA-09 no Full (via octave divider) no [VCO1+VCO2]->VCF->VCA
VP-330 2 Full (via octave divider) no [VCO1+VCO2]->VCF->VCA
SH-3 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
SH-5 no 1 no VCO1+VCO2->VCF+BPF->VCA
SH-1000 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
SH-2000 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
SH-7 no dual-osc:1 single-osc:2 no VCO1+VCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA
SH-1 no 1 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
SH-2 no 1 no [VCO1+VCO2]->HPF->VCF->VCA
SH-09 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
SH-101 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
MC-202 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
CMU-810 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
TB-303 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
CMU-800 no synth:6 drum:7 no VCO->VCF->VCA
Juno-6 no 6 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
Juno-60 no 6 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
MKS-10 no 16 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
Juno-106 no 6 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
Juno-106s no 6 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
HS-60 no 6 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
MKS-7 4 Melody:2 Chord:4 Bass:1 Rhythm:11 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
Juno-1 no 6 no DCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
HS-10 no 6 no DCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
Juno-2 no 6 no DCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
HS-80 no 6 no DCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
MKS-50 no 6 no DCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
Jupiter-4 no 4 2 modes VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
MRS-2 no 4 no VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
Jupiter-8 2 8 yes VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
Jupiter-6 2 6 yes VCO->VCF->VCA
MKS-80 2 8 2 modes (and solo) VCO->HPF->VCF->VCA
JX-3P no 6 no DCO1+DCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA
MKS-30 no 6 no DCO1+DCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA
GR-700 no 6 no DCO1+DCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA
JX-8P no 6 2 (mono:2) DCO1+DCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA
JX-10 2 12 2 (mono:2) [DCO1+DCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA]+[DCO1+DCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA]
MKS-70 2 12 2 (mono:2) [DCO1+DCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA]+[DCO1+DCO2->HPF->VCF->VCA]