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Synopsis Media Physical Interface Architecture Components Resource

Audio Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Amplifier Converter Effects Filter Source Switch Other
Prophet VS CEM3360:1 CEM3365:2 LF356N:1 LM741CN:2 NJM5532D:1 RC5534N:1 UAF772LTC:2 uAF772L:8 uPC6012C:5 MN3209:2 CEM3379:8 I-625:4 74HC4051N:5 CEM5510:4 CEM5530:2 NE571N:2

Control Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Battery Communication Gate Array Memory Processor Timer Xtal
Prophet VS BR2/3AA:1 MC68B50P:1 PC900:1 I-626:1 HM6264LP-15:1 MB8416A-15:2 MB8416A-15:4 TMS27C256JL:1 R68000P8:1 74HC4020N:1 CD4022BE:1 ICM7555IPA:2 16.000:1