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Sequential_Circuits Prelude


Released: 1982



Rebadged Siel Orchestra2 Architecture Class: Conventional (subtractive).

Ebay Description:

The Sequential Circuits Prelude is a 49 key, analog ensemble synthesizer, featuring brass (trumpet/trombone), string (cello/violin/mute/percussion), reed (organ/accordion/musette), piano (piano/clavichord/honky tonk). The brass section has a variable attack and a resonant filter, while the piano section has a variable decay and the string section has a variable attack and release. Sounds can be further shaped by vibrato, chorus, and a 5 band EQ.


Form Factor Dimensions Weight Audio Input Audio Output Communication Port Control Input Control Output Switch Input Power
49 keys ? ? no high low no volume (5 pin DIN) no sustain wired


Compatibility Multitimbral Memory Program Memory External Storage External Programming UI Input UI Output
N/A no 4 presets no no buttons/sliders LED


Multitimbral Polyphony Unison Architecture
4 full (divide down osc) no VCO->VCF->VCA


Effects Pan Modulator Volume Modulator Headphone
chorus no EGs pedal:(5-pin-DIN) no


Arpeggiator Arpeggiator External Sequencer Sequencer Memory Sequencer External Continuous Program Change
no no no N/A no no no


Key Pressure Chord Memory External Control External Sustain Key Scaling Velocity Curves
no no no pedal no no


Name Signal Class Waveform Octave Range Amplitude Modulator Harmonics Modulator Pitch Modulator Wave Assign Modulator
Brass analog saw - no no no
Piano analog mix - no no no
Reed analog mix - no no no
String analog saw - no no no


Name Signal Class IC Resonant Shape Frequency Modulator Resonance Modulator Shape Modulator
Brass analog opamps yes low pass? no no
EQ analog opamps no 5 bands (250Hz 500Hz 1kHz 2kHz 4kHz) no no


Name Level Rate Loop Polarity Trigger Level Modulator Rate Modulator
BrassEG - attack no no no no no
PianoReedEG - decay no no no no no
StringEG - attack release no no no no no


Name Waveform Delay Polarity Sync Delay Modulator Level Modulator Rate Modulator
LFO triangle yes no no no no
Conventional Models
Prophet 5 Prophet 10 Pro-One Prophet 600 Prophet T8 Fugue Prelude Velocity 6
Six-Trak Max Multi-Trak Split-Eight Prophet VS Prophet VS Rack