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Yamaha Conventional Comparisons

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oscillator filter amplifier control envelope key lfo

Architecture Comparison

Model Multitimbral Polyphony Unison Architecture
SY-1 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
SY-2 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
CS-10 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
CS-30 2 1 no [VCO1+VCO2+Noise+Ext->VCF1+VCF2+Sine->VCA1] [VCO2+VCF1->VCF2->Ring->VCA2]
CS-30L 2 1 no [VCO1+VCO2+Noise+Ext->VCF1+VCF2+Sine->VCA1] [VCO2+VCF1->VCF2->Ring->VCA2]
CS-50 no 4 no VCO->VCF+sine->VCA->ring-mod
CS-60 no 8 no VCO->VCF+sine->VCA->ring-mod
CS-80 2 8 no 2x[VCO->VCF+sine->VCA->ring-mod]
CS-5 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
CS-15 2 1 no [VCO1+Noise|Ext->VCF1->VCA1] [VCO1+VCO2->VCF2->VCA2]
CS-15D 2 1 no Dual VCO/VCF/VCA 2x VCO+Noise->VCF->VCA
CS-20M no 1 no VCO1+VCO2+noise->VCF+sine->VCA
CS-40M no 2 yes VCO->VCF->VCA
CS-70M 2 6 yes VCO->VCF->VCA
CS-01 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
SK10 3 7 no DCO->VCF->VCA
SK15 3 7 no VCO->VCF->VCA+ VCO->VCF->VCA
SK20 3 (Organ and polysynth can be split) 7 split:7+7 no VCO->VCF->VCA+ VCO->VCF->VCA
SK30 3 (monosynth, organ and polysynth can be split) 7 split:7+7+1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
SK50D 3 (monosynth, organ and polysynth can be split) 7 split:7+7+1+1 no VCO->VCF->VCA+ VCO->VCF->VCA+ VCO->VCF->VCA+ VCO->VCF->VCA
SY-20 no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA
AN1x 2 10 no VCO->VCF->VCA