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Yamaha FM-Rompler Comparisons

Synopsis Media Physical Interface Architecture Components Resource

Audio Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Amplifier Converter Effects Filter Source Switch Other
SY35 M51132L:1 NJM4560S:5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A AN7148:1 P005R04:1 XE755A00:1 YM3032:1

Control Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Battery Communication Gate Array Memory Processor Timer Xtal
SY35 CR2032:1 N/A XF987A0:2 XG077A0:1 HM65256BLP:1 XL429A0:1 XL430A0:1 XL666A0:1 XL667A0:1 uPD43257AC-10LL:1 XH257A0:1 XK278A0:1 YM3413:1 N/A 20MHz:1 8Mhz:1