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Yamaha SY-2

(image courtesy of Yamaha)

Released: 1974



The SY-2 is basically an SY-1 with an expanded EG and filter Architecture Class: Conventional (subtractive).

Ebay Description:

The Yamaha SY-2 is a 37 key (velocity sensitive), monophonic analog synthesizer, featuring 28 presets, portamento, vibrato, auto-bend, resonant low and high pass filters which share auto-bend (AS) envelope, and (ADSR) amp envelope.


Form Factor Dimensions Weight Audio Input Audio Output Communication Port Control Input Control Output Switch Input Power
37 keys W:90cm(35.5in) D:32cm(12.5in) H:17cm(6.75in) 21kg(46lbs) no phone, RCA expression/nonexpression no no no no AC (20W)


Compatibility Multitimbral Memory Program Memory External Storage External Programming UI Input UI Output
- N/A preset:28 no no dedicated sliders/knobs LED


Multitimbral Polyphony Unison Architecture
no 1 no VCO->VCF->VCA


Effects Pan Modulator Volume Modulator Headphone
no no AmpEG Pedal Velocity no


Arpeggiator Arpeggiator External Sequencer Sequencer Memory Sequencer External Continuous Program Change
no N/A no N/A N/A no no


Key Pressure Chord Memory External Control External Sustain Key Scaling Velocity Curves
no no no no no 1


Name Signal Class Waveform Octave Range Amplitude Modulator Harmonics Modulator Pitch Modulator Wave Assign Modulator
VCO analog pulse C0-C5 no no Auto-bend Portamento Vibrato no


Name Signal Class IC Resonant Shape Frequency Modulator Resonance Modulator Shape Modulator
VCF analog discrete yes low and high pass Auto-Bend-EG pedal Velocity no no


Name Level Rate Loop Polarity Trigger Level Modulator Rate Modulator
AmpEG sustain attack decay release no no key no no
AutoBendEG sustain A no no key no no


Name Waveform Delay Polarity Sync Delay Modulator Level Modulator Rate Modulator
Vibrato triangle? no no no no Velocity no
Conventional Models
SY-1 SY-2 CS-10 CS-30 CS-30L CS-50 CS-60 CS-80
CS-5 CS-15 CS-15D CS-20M CS-40M CS-70M CS-01 SK10
SK15 SK20 SK30 SK50D SY-20 AN1x