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Introducing Akai

Akai Professional ( division was formed in 1984 to produce electronic instruments. Akai and Emu eventually dominated the sampling arena. For manuals, see href="". For street prices, see Prepal.

Released Conventional Sampler
1984 AX80
1985 AX60 S612
1986 AX73 VX90 X3700 X7000 S700 S900
1988 VX600 S1000 S1000HD S1000KB S1000PB
1989 S950
1990 S1100


Architectural Classes:

  • Additive: Multiple sine wave harmonics are combined.
  • Conventional: Single cycle waveforms, subtractive architecture (filtered harmonics).
  • FM: Oscillators use Frequency or Phase Modulation.
  • Rompler: ROM based samples (often subtractive).
  • Sampler: User recorded samples (often subtractive).
  • Modelling: Digital model, usually involving a Driver and Modulators.