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Welcome to the Roland Gallery

Introducing Roland

One of the first major Japanese synthesizer manufacturers. For street prices, see Prepal.

Released Conventional Sampler Rompler
1975 RS-101 RS-202
1976 SH-3 SH-5
1977 SH-1000 SH-2000
1978 RS-505 SH-7 SH-1 SH-2
1979 RS-09 Jupiter-4
1980 SA-09 VP-330 SH-09 MRS-2
1981 Jupiter-8
1982 Juno-6
1983 SH-101 MC-202 CMU-810 TB-303 CMU-800 Juno-60 Jupiter-6
1984 MKS-10 Juno-106 MKS-80 JX-3P MKS-30 GR-700
1985 Juno-106s HS-60 MKS-7 Juno-1 Juno-2 MKS-50 JX-8P
1986 HS-10 HS-80 JX-10 MKS-70 S-10 MKS-100
1987 S-220 S-50 S-550 D-50 D-550 D-10 D-20 MT-32
1988 S-330 D-110 U-110 MT-100
1989 W-30 D-5 U-20 U-220 LAPC-I CM-32L CM-32P CM-64
1990 S-770 D-70
1991 S-750 SC-55 MT-120 CM-300 CM-500 MC-303 JD-800 JX-1 JV-80
1992 SP-700 DJ-70 SC-155 SC-33 JV-880 JW-50 JV-30
1993 S-760 SC-55MKII SC-50 JD-990 JV-35 JV-50 W-50 JV-90 JV-1000
1994 JS-30 MT-120S MT-200 SC-88 JV-1080 XP-10
1995 MS-1 SC-88VL SC-55ST XP-50 M-DC1 M-OC1 M-SE1 M-VS1
1996 DJ-70MKII SC-88ST SC-88Pro SC-88STPro JV-2080 JP-8000 M-BD1
1997 MC-505
1998 SP-202 SP-808 SC-880 JX-305 MC-307 JP-8080 XP-60 XP-80
1999 SC-8850 SC-8820 XP-30 JV-1010

Architectural Classes:

  • Additive: Multiple sine wave harmonics are combined.
  • Conventional: Single cycle waveforms, subtractive architecture (filtered harmonics).
  • FM: Oscillators use Frequency or Phase Modulation.
  • Rompler: ROM based samples (often subtractive).
  • Sampler: User recorded samples (often subtractive).
  • Modelling: Digital model, usually involving a Driver and Modulators.