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Akai Sampler Comparisons

Synopsis Media Physical Interface Architecture Components Resource

Audio Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Amplifier Converter Effects Filter Source Switch Other
S612 M5220:1 TL082CP:12 ADC0809CCN:1 AM2504DC:1 BA9201:6 BA9221:2 N/A MF10CN:1 MF6CN-50:6 N/A DG211CJ:4 NE572N:3 uPC311C:2
S1000 M5220:12 M5238:2 PCM54HP:1 PCM78:1 PCM78:1 N/A N/A N/A CD74HC4053E:4 uPD5201C:3 LC7981:1

Control Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Battery Communication Gate Array Memory Processor Timer Xtal
S612 N/A HD46850P:1 PC900:1 uPD8237AC-5:2 N/A TMM2764D:1 uPD41416C-20:6 uPD780C-1:1 P8254:2 TC74HC4040:1 uPD8253C-2:2 N/A
S1000 N/A 6N137:1 6N137:1 MB89255A:1 uPD71065G:1 uPD72066C:1 L7A0218:1 L7AQ109:1 TE7730:1 AM27C512-150DC:1 CXK5816PN-12L:1 DFP723F03A:1 HM511000AP-10:16x2 MN41464A-08:8 NMC27C512AQ-150:1 TC57512AD-15:2 uPD70216GF-8:1 HD74HC393P:1 16MHz:2 33.8688MHz:1