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Casio CZ-2000S


Released: 1986



CZ-3000 with speakers Architecture Class: FM.

Ebay Description:

The Casio CZ-2000S is a 61 key, 8 voice multitimbral digital synthesizer, featuring dual oscillators (8 waveforms with ring and noise mod), dedicated 8 stage pitch, phase, and volume envelopes per voice, along with vibrato, portamento, 64 presets (32 editable), dual speakers, chorus, and MIDI.


Form Factor Dimensions Weight Audio Input Audio Output Communication Port Control Input Control Output Switch Input Power
61 keys W:950mm D:350mm H:120mm 10.7kg no stereo MIDI: IN OUT THRU volume no sustain 50W AC


Compatibility Multitimbral Memory Program Memory External Storage External Programming UI Input UI Output
CZ-101 CZ-1000 CZ-2000s CZ-2300s CZ-3000 CZ-5000 CZ-1 None Preset:32 User:32 Cartridge:32 cartridge: RA-3 MIDI SysEx Dedicated buttons LCD display


Multitimbral Polyphony Unison Architecture
2 ("Tone Mix") 8 (MIDI) single osc:8 dual osc:4 Tone Mix:1 Solo:1 no Phase distortion


Effects Pan Modulator Volume Modulator Headphone
chorus no DCA-EG pedal yes


Arpeggiator Arpeggiator External Sequencer Sequencer Memory Sequencer External Continuous Program Change
no no no N/A N/A Pitch-Wheel Mod-Wheel MIDI-PitchBend MIDI-CC1 MIDI-CC5 MIDI


Key Pressure Chord Memory External Control External Sustain Key Scaling Velocity Curves
no no MIDI pedal None no


Name Signal Class Waveform Octave Range Amplitude Modulator Harmonics Modulator Pitch Modulator Wave Assign Modulator
DCO1 digital pulse saw sine:double square saw/pulse 3 "resonant" Samples +-1 no PhaseEG noise ring glide LFO portamento DCO-EG Pitch-Wheel no
DCO2 digital pulse saw sine:double square saw/pulse 3 "resonant" +-1 no PhaseEG noise ring glide LFO portamento DCO-EG Pitch-Wheel no


Name Level Rate Loop Polarity Trigger Level Modulator Rate Modulator
DCO-EG 8 8 no no no no no
PhaseEG 8 8 no no no key no
DCA-EG 8 8 no no no key no


Name Waveform Delay Polarity Sync Delay Modulator Level Modulator Rate Modulator
LFO saw:up saw:down square triangle no no no no Mod-Wheel no
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