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Korg Additive-Sampler Comparisons

Synopsis Media Physical Interface Architecture Components Resource

Audio Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Amplifier Converter Effects Filter Source Switch Other
DSM-1 M5219L:2 M5220L:1 M5221:1 M5238L:16 NJM4558DV:1 NJM4558S:16 NJM5534B:1 NJU7304D:4 SN75158P:1 BA9221:3 HD14549BP:1 HD14559BP:1 N/A 2069:16 uPC398C:1 uPD74HC4066C:8 NJM2903D:1 uPC319C:1
DSS-1 M5201:8 M5218:8 M5219L:6 M5224P:7 M5238L:16 NJM4558DV:6 NJM4558S:14 NJM5534D:2 BA9221:3 HD14549BP:1 N/A 2069:8 uPC398C:1 HD14051BP:4 TC74HC4066P:8 uPD4066BC:2 NE572N:2 NJM2903D:1 TC9156AP:1 uPC311C:2 uPC319:3

Control Path Components (name:quantity)

Model Battery Communication Gate Array Memory Processor Timer Xtal
DSM-1 N/A HD63265P:1 TLP552:1 uPD71055C:2 HD64180RP8:1 uPD65011C023:2 uPD65012C132:1 uPD65030G043:2 uPD65040G099:2 M5M44C256P-12:12 MBM27256-25:1 MFD-73W-00D:1 uPD27C512D-15:2 uPD4364C-15L:4 HD63C03YP:1 MSM82C53-5:6 16MHz:1 20MHz:1
DSS-1 N/A SED9420C:1 TLP552:1 uPD765AC:1 uPD8255AC-2:1 uPD65010CW113:2 uPD65011C023:2 uPD65030G043:1 uPD65040G099:2 HN27128AG-25:1 M5M4416P-15:4 MBM27256-25:2 MBM2764-25:1 MD350:1 uPD41256V:12 uPD4364C-15L:3 uPD8155HC-2:1 HD63B03:1 uPD8085AHC-2:1 MSM82C53-5:6 16MHz:1 20MHz:1 32MHz:1